Game Details

FIFA Soccer 10 will take casual soccer gaming to the next level with a redesigned game engine made specifically for the Nintendo Wii™. Improvements and additions have been made to all areas of the game, with a focus on creating an action-packed soccer game that anyone can pick up and play. FIFA Soccer 10 Wii is an over-the-top, non-stop soccer game that is designed exclusively for the platform.

  • Action Packed Gameplay – Non-stop, action packed soccer is the result of the completely redesigned game engine created specifically for the Nintendo Wii™. Enhancements to shooting, passing, defense, as well as increased game speed have created a frenetic, exciting, unique soccer experience.
  • Battle for Glory – Exclusively designed for the Wii, the Battle for Glory mode allows you to make strategic decisions as a manager to achieve “Manager Moments” and earn “Game Boosters” for your team. Set a goal and succeed and your team will enjoy performance enhancements such as Player Focus and Shooting Confidence; fail and watch your team’s stats decline.
  • Enhanced Goalkeeper AI – Goalkeeper AI has been improved to make them more responsive when positioning themselves for a save, while still allowing for juicy rebounds adding to the non-stop soccer theme
  • “Strike it System” set pieces – the new set piece system will utilize the Wii™ Remote creating tense head to head battles on penalties, free-kicks and corners. Each player must time the shaking of their Wii™ mote perfectly in order to either score or defend free-kicks, penalties and corners adding to the excitement
  • Enhanced Social Experience – Social play is a key to the FIFA Soccer 10 Wii™ experience. Compete against friends and family in multi-game series’ that will track stats, create storylines for the matches and create a sense of competitiveness and rivalry in an easy to understand format.
  • 2v2 Online Play – Online gaming has also been enhanced allowing you to play with a friend against two other gamers online proving that teamwork and cooperation will prove essential to succeeding in the online arena. Compete to reach the top of the International Leader board
  • Multiplayer Tournaments – Play authentic tournaments with as many friends as you’d like as you can now choose to control every team in a tournament! Play with your friends or play against them in this year’s Multiplayer Tournament.
  • All New Art Style and Feel – Coupled with a new gameplay engine are the new animations and art specifically designed for the Wii™. Player models have been built from the ground up to reflect the Wii™ centric theme. Stadiums have been designed to compliment these new animation changes as well. Contextual animations and special effects will enhance the gaming experience with dynamic sounds and graphics.